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Our professionals are trained and experienced to assess, treat and evaluate neurological disorders or developmental disabilities affecting children aged 0 to 8 years. We believe in evidence based practices and our intervention is all research based. Our focus is on FELT NEED i.e family based intervention more than the PERCEIVED NEED.

Our therapist focus on functional independence and social participation

Our hardwork and success inspire us to do more, hence we started includuing activities such as Toilet Training for the kids, enhancing social skills deficit by enrolling them in the social skills group training, to be competent with the peer group we have included school readiness program,so that the child to has an active transition from home to school.  We even try and let the child vent his emotions through a mode of play called play therapy.

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100% result oriented, we are uniquely equipped with skills to work within our centre environment and generalise the same with regards to childs deficit skill areas. We are transparent and communicate our program plan every day to the parent, through a parent communication note. 

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Audiological Evaluation

If a person can not able to hear as well as some with normal hearing, it means the person is having heating loss. Hearing loss is the result of any damage to the ear (outer, middle and inner ear  or auditory nerve) and can be caused by congenital defects, ear wax, tympanic membrane perforation, foreign objects stuck in the ear, Infections or disease, certain medication, damage to the nerve, exposure to loud sounds or noise and age related. An audiological evaluation is a series of diagnostic procedures used to determine the type, degree, and configuration of hearing loss.

Audiological service

Pure tone Audiometry: This test will provide information about the degree, type of hearing loss.

Impedance Audiometry: This test will provide structural and functional information about middle ear and Auditory nerve functionality.

Speech Audiometry: This test will provide information about the person's ability to understand speech.

Hearing aids: hearing aids will be provided according to the hearing loss